Hardness Control Chemical

Hardness control chemicals come in a powder form, highly soluble in water. They precipitate or reduce calcium hardness as a non-adherent sludge. The calcium ions are not adherent to metal surfaces, hence becoming suitable for the blowdown.

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SVS Chemicals is a leading hardness control chemical supplier in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Brunei. We offer two high-quality hardness control chemical variations to the oil and gas industry, ensuring enhanced shelf life and application.

Soda Ash (Light/Dense)

Soda Ash is used for treating calcium ion contamination in freshwater and seawater mud at drilling rigs. SVS Chemicals is among the leading Soda Ash distributors, offering light and dense forms of soda ash. It is dominantly used in drilling fluids to increase product extraction.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Technical/Refined)

Sodium Bicarbonate treats cement contamination in water mud at the drilling rig. This treatment is essential to prevent the settlement of cement particles and problems associated with clay flocculation and polymer precipitation.

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